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12 Crucial Tools To Get Instagram Likes On Your Posts

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The practice of using tools to get more likes on Instagram has become status quo for people who generate business through Instagram.

Instagram likes are important, and boosting your engagement rate should be an integral part of your Instagram marketing strategy.

Today, we’re going to cover the best Instagram tools to get likes and help grow your account and your business. But first, here’s why these Instagram likes tools are so important.


Why Getting Instagram Likes Is Important

Getting as many Instagram likes as possible is important, and for more reasons than you might think! One big reason likes on Instagram are important is because they act like social proof. If an Instagram user comes across your profile and begins scrolling through your photos, they’re more likely to develop a good impression of your business (and to hit follow) if you have a high number of likes.

Another reason to prioritize Instagram likes is because this sets you up for success with potential partnerships and online collaborations. Your followers-to-be aren’t the only people you want to impress. Influencers and other brands might be checking out your profile, too. And they’ll be much more likely to decide to work with you if your posts have a lot of likes.

Finally, Instagram likes are important because each like you receive represents an engaged follower — and you want to have as many engaged followers as possible so you can convert those followers into customers. Engagement is absolutely vital on Instagram. Your marketing will be effective if you can get your followers to engage with your posts and tap that “like” button instead of just scrolling by.


Relationship Of Instagram Likes & Follower Growth

Instagram engagement is important, but Instagram growth should be an equally important part of your overall social media strategy — and these two components go hand-in-hand. The more followers you have, the more engagement you’ll get (provided those followers are authentic and genuine). On the flip side of things, the more engagement you receive, the more likely you are to see follower growth. Remember, Instagram likes are an important form of social proof. Instagram users visiting your profile will notice how many likes you get. And if your engagement is high, they’ll be more likely to join the party.

How can you get as many Instagram likes as possible? We recommend using Instagram tools to get likes. There are plenty of platforms out there that are specifically designed to help you get more likes on your IG posts. Using one of these Instagram likes tools is a smart way to boost your engagement — and, in turn, to see an increase in follower growth.

Take a look at these must-have Instagram tools for likes that will help boost your engagement numbers.


Tool #1 –  Kicksta

Kicksta is a growth service that helps you get more Instagram followers and likes by using AI-powered technology to interact with Instagram users in your target audience. Kicksta takes the hard work off your plate and is a reliable way to gain more real Instagram followers.

kicksta- instagram how it works

Platform: iOS, Android, PC

Use case: Kicksta works by using the liking method. You provide Kicksta with information on the type of followers you want to attract, and then Kicksta uses your account to interact with profiles in that target demographic so those users will come back and check out your account.

How to use: Register for Kicksta and give the platform a list of target Instagram accounts that have followers you’d like to attract. Then sit back and let Kicksta do its job.

Expected outcome: Kicksta will get you real Instagram followers.

What to watch out for: Make sure the target Instagram accounts you list are high-quality accounts that have authentic, engaged followers. Target accounts can be profiles similar to yours, complementary brands, or influencers in your niche.

Pros: 14-day money-back guarantee; no need for software installation. They also have advanced target features, and a premium add-on boost option in the dashboard.

Cons: No free trial.

Price: $49/month or $99/month.

Freemium trial: Kicksta does not offer a free trial.

TrustPilot star rating: 3.4 stars out of 5

G2 star rating: 2.9 out of 5



Tool #2 – Woorise

Platform: iOS, Android, PC

Use case: Woorise is an all-in-one lead generation and marketing platform that allows you to create a wide range of interactive campaigns such as viral giveaways & contests, landing pages, forms, surveys, quizzes, accept payments and more to collect leads and engage your audience.

How to use: Woorise allows you to add thousands of social actions including actions to ask your audience to follow your Instagram account, like a post and more. Woorise also provides a highly customizable bio link landing page to link to all your important content.

Expected outcome: Woorise will help you grow your Instagram followers and increase engagement.

What to watch out for: With Woorise you can create not only powerful giveaways to increase Instagram followers but also fun quizzes to increase engagement, referral campaigns or surveys to get feedback from your followers.

Pros: Free and trial plans, hundreds of templates for a quick start, modern drag & drop campaign and form builder, multi-language support, 2000+ integrations, conditional logic, email notifications.

Cons: Advanced features are available on premium plans.

Price: $29/month, $49/month or $99/month.

Freemium trial: Woorise offers a free forever plan and a 7-day free trial of any plan.

TrustPilot star rating: 4.7 stars out of 5

G2 star rating: 4.7 out of 5



Tool #3 – Iconosquare

Iconosquare is an analytics platform for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. By using this tool, you can schedule posts, view custom reports, and make data-driven decisions for your social media.

Platform: iOS, Android, PC

Use case: Iconosquare offers solutions in three categories — analytics, publishing, and monitoring.

How to use: You can utilize Iconosquare to get more likes on your Instagram posts by scheduling posts to go up at the times your audience is most active, and by analyzing the results so you can tweak your strategy moving forward.

Expected outcome: Iconosquare will help you get more Instagram likes by providing data for you to analyze.

What to watch out for: Iconosquare is more expensive than comparable tools.

Pros: Delivers customized visual reports that are easy to read at a glance; no major learning curve for the platform overall.

Cons: Does not separate metrics for paid and organic posts; adding additional profiles costs extra.

Price: $49/month, $79/month, or $139/month.

Freemium trial: Iconosquare offers a 14-day free trial.

TrustPilot star rating: 2.8 out of 5

G2 star rating: 4.4 out of 5



Tool #4 – Buzzoid

Buzzoid is an Instagram likes tool that sells Instagram followers and likes. The platform delivers your new followers or likes within an hour, and offers several different pricing packages so you can choose which one fits your needs.

Platform: PC

Use case: Buzzoid’s process is simple — select a package, pay the required amount, and the company will deliver followers and likes to your account.

How to use: You don’t have to do anything beyond purchasing the engagement you want.

Expected outcome: Buzzoid provides you with more followers and/or more likes on your posts.

What to watch out for: Buying Instagram followers and likes isn’t a good idea for your business. When you buy engagement, that engagement almost always comes from fake accounts and won’t actually be helpful in growing your profile.

Pros: No need to give Buzzoid your IG password or other sensitive info; 24-hour support staff.

Cons: Only available for Instagram; doesn’t provide analytics to see how your new followers are or aren’t benefiting you long-term.

Price: Buzzoid pricing starts at $1.47 for 50 likes and goes up from there.

Freemium trial: Because of the nature of Buzzoid’s pricing model, there’s no need for a free trial.

TrustPilot star rating: 4.7 out of 5



Tool #5 – Combin

Combin provides several Instagram marketing and content planning solutions. Choose from growth tools, scheduling tools, or an Instagram audit.


Platform: PC

Use case: The growth tools Combin offers include the ability to detect who doesn’t follow you back, to check your Instagram audience quality, and to find influencers for your account.

How to use: Download Combin Growth, which is available for Mac, PC, and Linux. Then follow the platform’s instructions to perform tasks that will grow your account.

Expected outcome: Combin helps you get more Instagram likes by letting you schedule posts, find your target audience, monitoring your growth, and more.

What to watch out for: The AI-based features can be difficult and unruly to learn to use.

Pros: Can work on multiple separate Instagram profiles simultaneously.

Cons: Customer service is reportedly not very responsive.

Price: $15/month or $30/month.

Freemium trial: Combin offers a “Starter” plan to let you try out all major functionalities of the platform.

TrustPilot star rating: 3.3 out of 5

G2 star rating: 2.9 out of 5



Tool #6 – KENJI

KENJI is an Instagram tool for likes that helps you get more followers, likes, and engagement using an AI bot.

Platform: PC

Use case: KENJI uses automation to auto-like Instagram comments, automatically follow and unfollow other accounts, and view and react to Instagram Stories to grow your account.

How to use: Sign up and add some information about your account. Then KENJI takes over, using machine learning to figure out your ideal targeting on the fly.

Expected outcome: KENJI gets you more Instagram followers, likes, and views.

What to watch out for: The followers you receive might not be high-quality, authentic followers who will stick around long-term.

Pros: Easy to get started with 60-second setup.

Cons: No customers support chat.

Price: $49/month or $79/month.

Freemium trial: KENJI does not offer any type of free trial.

TrustPilot star rating: 2.7 out of 5



Tool #7 – JARVEE

JARVEE is a Windows-based social media automation software and Instagram tool for likes that helps you grow your accounts fast.

Platform: PC

Use case: JARVEE runs continuously in the background, automatically following or unfollowing other users and liking their posts.

How to use: In addition to its growth features, JARVEE includes several features to help you manage your Instagram account. Schedule posts, contact prospects, research hashtags, and more.

Expected outcome: JARVEE aims to increase your Instagram following and engagement.

What to watch out for: Make sure you keep a close eye on JARVEE’s automatic features so your Instagram account doesn’t get banned.

Pros: Secure platform protects your data; wide range of features helps grow and manage your Instagram account

Cons: Platform is complicated and difficult to learn how to use

Price: $29.95/month, $49.95/month, or $69.95/month

Freemium trial: JARVEE offers a five-day free trial.

TrustPilot star rating: 3.3 out of 5



Tool #8 – Instazood

Instazood describes itself as the best Instagram bot to get more followers and likes. This platform uses your account to automatically interact with other Instagram users.

Platform: PC

Use case: Instazood’s Instagram bot works by automatically following and unfollowing users, plus liking and commenting on their posts.

How to use: Register with the platform, fill out the form in the dashboard, and Instazood will get to work finding you new followers.

Expected outcome: Instazood claims to get you real and engaged followers on Instagram.

What to watch out for: Some features are an additional add-on to the monthly subscription cost.

Pros: Works on all mobile devices; fully customizable

Cons: Customer support is slow

Price: $11.99/month for the Instagram bot

Freemium trial: Instazood offers a five-day free trial.

TrustPilot star rating: 1.6 out of 5

G2 star rating: 3.8 out of 5


Tool #9 – InstaHero

InstaHero sells Instagram followers, offering a speedy delivery and an instant increase in your social media traffic.

Platform: PC

Use case: InstaHero sells Instagram followers.

How to use: Purchase the amount of followers, likes, or views you want and the followers or likes will be delivered to your account.

Expected outcome: InstaHero claims the followers it provides are high-quality followers that will benefit your account.

What to watch out for: Buying Instagram followers rarely works out well. These followers likely will not be high-quality, engaged followers.

Pros: Multiple payment methods; account monitoring

Cons: No further services beyond selling followers

Price: Pricing starts at $2.99 for your first 100 Instagram followers.

Freemium trial: Because of the nature of InstaHero’s pricing model, there’s no need for a free trial.


Tool #10 – Instato

Instato is an Instagram likes tool that includes a bot, management services, and automation. Offering a range of services, Instato allows you to easily manage multiple Instagram accounts at one time.


Platform: PC

Use case: Instato’s bot automatically interacts with Instagram users to grow your network. Instati also includes helpful tools that let you plan your IG posts.

How to use: Use Instato to schedule and manage your content. Meanwhile, Instato’s bot will generate activity on your account.

Expected outcome: Instato gets you more followers and likes.

What to watch out for: Reviewers say the Instato bot doesn’t work and it’s nearly impossible to cancel your subscription.

Pros: Website is secure

Cons: Customer service is not responsive

Price: $29.95/month, $49.95/month, or $99.95/month

Freemium trial: Instato offers a three-day free trial.

TrustPilot star rating: 1.5 out of 5


Tool #11 –  Trusy

Trusy is an Instagram tool for likes that helps you experience organic growth and build a following on autopilot.

Platform: PC

Use case: Trusy helps you grow through interacting with other Instagram users; celebrity partnership giveaways; celebrity brand sponsorships; its brand accelerator; and Instagram loops.

How to use: Choose a plan, define your goals, and Trusy will implement a plan to make them happen.

Expected outcome: Trusy delivers you engaged followers who will help boost your reputation.

What to watch out for: While Trusy claims to offer an account manager, unlimited customer support, and similar features, it’s unclear how sustainable these features are long-term.

Pros: Dedicated account manager; your Instagram account is safe

Cons: More expensive than comparable options

Price: $97/month, $197/month, $347/month, or $627/month.

Freemium trial: While Trusy doesn’t offer a free trial, the platform does have a 10-day money-back guarantee.

TrustPilot star rating: 4.2 out of 5


Tool #12 – Instamber

Instamber offers a variety of Instagram marketing tools to help companies grow on Instagram at a low cost.

Platform: PC

Use case: Instamber engages with your target audience to get you more Instagram followers.

How to use: Use Instamber’s Instagram management tools to schedule your IG content. You can also purchase Instagram likes, comments, and views.

Expected outcome: Instamber’s goal is to increase your Instagram following and engagement.

What to watch out for: Instamber’s bot runs 24/7, which could be a red flag for Instagram to ban your account.

Pros: Nothing to download or install; your data is secure

Cons: Customer service is reportedly dishonest and unhelpful

Price: $15/month or $10/month.

Freemium trial: Instamber offers a three-day, $1 trial.

TrustPilot star rating: 2.5 out of 5

G2 star rating: n/a


Tool #13 – Inflact

As a marketing toolkit for Instagram, Inflact helps potential customers discover your products and build brand loyalty.

Platform: iOS, Android, PC

Use case: Inflact helps you attract users to build a loyal community; interact automatically and manage customers; and post regularly and boost reach via hashtags.

How to use: Use Inflact to schedule Instagram posts and analyze their performance. You can also search for hashtags and influencers, and let the chatbot interact on Instagram for you.

Expected outcome: Inflact grows your account by keeping your account active 24/7.

What to watch out for: Because of the volume of interactions Ingramer performs on Instagram, this Instagram likes tool might get your account banned.

Pros: Nothing to download or install

Cons: Customer support is not responsive

Price: $37/two weeks, $57/month, or $144/three months.

Freemium trial: No free trial.

TrustPilot star rating: 4.7 out of 5


Instagram Likes by Instagram Bots vs. Real Instagram Followers

Instagram likes that come from bots are not the same as likes that come from genuine Instagram followers. When an Instagram bot likes your photo, the number doesn’t mean anything. Since that bot is a fake account, there isn’t an actual person behind the like who would be interested in becoming a customer of your brand. This is why fake followers won’t really do anything for your Instagram growth. If you buy Instagram followers or use an Instagram auto liker app that doesn’t use specific targets, your Instagram account will not grow with high-quality followers. It’s important to get real followers on Instagram — people who actually have the ability to convert and provide revenue for your brand.

What’s the answer to getting free Instagram followers that will actually benefit your business? An Instagram tool that focuses on Instagram users in your target audience will help you get real IG followers. You might have to invest money in this tool. But the growth you’ll see will be high-quality, attracting real followers to your account.

You can also get more real Instagram followers who will boost your IG likes by using Instagram marketing tactics like influencer marketing, Instagram stories, and Instagram Reels. Paired with Instagram automation, these tactics will help you get more real followers on social media — which over time will lead to more likes and more business for your brand.



Succeed With These Instagram Likes Tools

In today’s day and age, increasing your Instagram engagement doesn’t have to be hard — not with all of the Instagram tools to get likes that are on the market. Choose the best tool for you and then dive in, learning how to use the platform to boost your engagement on Instagram. As your engagement goes up, your business will grow, helping you succeed with Instagram marketing.


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