LAST UPDATED ON March 6, 2021

The Best Ad Tracking Software To Monitor Your Campaigns

Data is key when it comes to knowing how well your advertising campaigns are performing. Make sure that you are using ad tracking software to get it.

When people use any sort of marketing initiative, from radio ads to content writing services, they’re always working with the goal of seeing the greatest ROI possible for their work.

However, it’s difficult to know what measures are used to actually determine said ROI. Is it customer traffic? Is it conversions? What about social media interactions? All of these can play a role.


Why Do You Need Ad Tracking Software?

Ad tracking software is part of the greater umbrella known as campaign management software. Some people use them interchangeably, and there’s a reason for that. People in charge of major advertising campaigns are often juggling several different mediums and tasks at the same time, and need simplification. The same applies to small business owners who need is not because of the scope of the campaign, but for all the other tasks they have to do. Just like cloud communications for business, it’s all about cutting work down.

Ad tracking software is designed to help people in both positions be able to make the most educated decisions possible. This means capturing data on the success and conversion rates you are getting through ads. As a result, it’s a lot easier to determine whether a campaign is successful or not. Here are some of the top ad tracking software options—some of which target different areas than others.


Top 4 Ad Tracking Software Tools is an affiliate tracking platform. Affiliate marketing in particular is a good match for ad tracking software because there are often multiple links that you need to monitor at the same time.’s prime benefits are added accessibility for any business owner, from both its pricing scheme to its advanced notifications systems and live charting of data. However, those with a more advanced understanding of affiliate marketing can also create both publisher- and advertiser-side templates, and customize the UI to their needs.

Adhawk: So much of advertising and marketing these days revolves around using Google to your benefit, so it’s only fitting that a product created by two former Google employees make this list. Adhawk is a combination ad tracking software/management platform specifically designed for your Google Adwords and Facebook ad campaigns. This makes large marketing spreadsheets a thing of the past by aggregating data from all your campaigns into one major dashboard, complete with real-time updates.

Bitly: Think of Bitly for the person who wants to get started with ad tracking software, but doesn’t have the largest budget to work with. The reason is that this is a free platform, and while it does track links and clicks from your ads, it doesn’t provide reports for you on said tracking. You’ll need to dig into the records to see how each ad is doing. However, you do get some other base benefits like link shortening and customization. Also, it’s cloud-based, which is a big draw for many people.

Linktrackr: If some of the benefits of Bitly sound great, but you’re willing to pay more to get to the next level, Linktrackr is a good match for you. This ad tracking software is also cloud-based, and tracks conversions as well as sales generated from your ads. Split testing also allows you to put your data to further use. The only drawback is that this doesn’t have scheduling as of yet, so you will need to use another piece of software for that.

As a final note, it’s important to mention that along with using data, one of the best ways that marketing and sales professionals learn is from hearing from one another. As a result, it’s a good idea to also listen to some of our curated top marketing influencers to help guide you on how to use the data you get from this ad tracking software.

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