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Product Review: Kicksta

We’re always interested in trying out the tools and software our audience can get a lot of use out of.

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We’re always interested in trying out the tools and software our audience can get a lot of use out of. When you’re a small businesses owner or entrepreneur, you have hundreds of things to worry about. A problem often encountered is boosting social following and engagement. Without followers interested in your product, how can your business ever get off the ground?

Turning to professionals or helpful tools is a way to lighten the load while increasing results. For many, Kicksta is one of those products.


What is Kicksta?

What is Kicksta?

Kicksta is a tool startup and small businesses can use to generate more organic, real followers on Instagram. Many people value quality over quantity, but that’s not always the case on social media. Between some following any account under the sun or the thousands of spam accounts that clog your feed, gaining authentic social media followers can be tough.

Kicksta eliminates all that by working with their clients to target audiences, follow accounts, and gain interest from real life people.


Set Up

Set up is pretty easy. The first thing Kicksta needs is the Instagram account you or your business is using, its password, and a list of target accounts you want to follow.

For the targeted accounts, you’ll want to aim for those who are your competitors. For example, our boss recently brought home a new puppy and we used his account, YourDoodMortimer. As you can imagine, plenty of dog and pet accounts exist on Instagram already. So, we targeted accounts with the same dog breed as Mortimer and relevant hashtags.

Kicksta then goes out and starts liking photos from those who follow your competitors. They’ll get the notification that you liked their stuff and go back to your profile to check it out. Remember, followers on your competitors’ accounts could be followers on yours.


Key Features

Breakdown of Information

One of the things we like best about Kicksta is that it breaks down which hashtags and profiles are performing well. For example, if you’re following a hashtag that yields a lot of search results, Kicksta will mention this. If, on the other hand, you’re following ones that are performing poorly or have experienced a significant drop in interest, you’ll be alerted about this as well.

The exclamation marks next to various hashtags or profiles warn you that the target has depleted. They recommend that you unfollow this particular target and aim for new ones.

The bar graphs to the side of your targets let you know how well they’re performing. After a sample size of likes (about 200-250 per target), Kicksta can let you know which ones are more worth your time.

Focused on Likes

Kicksta doesn’t go around following 500 accounts or liking 1000 photos in one day. They know what it takes to look authentic and bring in organic accounts. They also refrain from posting content or comments on your behalf.



They have two different pricing models for you to choose from. The first is called “The Creative” which costs a modest $49 per month. This one is more for those just starting out. You can target 10 accounts, see moderate growth to your account, and get video onboarding to help you get started.

The second, dubbed “The Professional” recently slashed its price from $149 to $99 a month. We went with this one as it offered more for what was still a great price. With this account, you can target people through additional information like gender or even go after hashtags and location. It also boosts your targets to 40 and presents live chat support.

For those unsure about committing, they also offer a 14-day money back guarantee.


Kicksta Support

Kicksta Support

Regardless of the plan you go with, you’ll always have someone available from their customer support. As we mentioned earlier, The Creative plan doesn’t allow for live chat support, but you can still reach out anytime via email and they’ll answer you. Not to mention, they also have helpful (albeit short) video tutorials you can watch to help you get started.

For those on The Professional plan, you have the added bonus of live chat. 



Is It Legitimate?

We think it is. Our information and passwords were never in any danger of being sold or stolen. They’re also not the kind of software company you can’t contact. There’s no funny business when it comes to cancellation either.

Since they’re going after niche targets and taking the like-only approach, you also get legitimate followers that don’t leave after a few days.


Our Results

We used Kicksta for about one month. In that time, we went after 40 targets (a mix of accounts and hashtags). To date, we went from 12 followers to 295.

You can easily check to see how many followers you gained on your dashboard. You can also go into the calendar and see stats for custom time periods.

We didn’t run into the typical “follow for follow” scenario either. Those who came to the profile stuck around.


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Quick set up
  • Targets niche hashtags and accounts
  • Thoroughly breaks down analytics
  • Modest pricing
  • Live chat support
  • Allows you to target based on several factors
  • Can support multiple accounts
  • Doesn’t post or comment on your behalf
  • 14-day money back guarantee


  • Automated service
  • No live chat support for those with basic plan

One of the biggest risks you run is using automated features for your account. At times, Instagram might flag this as spam. We never ran into any issues, but any automation tools or software presents this risk on social media. (True story: years ago I once got suspended from Instagram for liking too many dog photos too quickly… no regrets).

That said, it’s really up to you to help prevent any bans or suspensions. Even if you’re using a tool that likes photos, that’s only a piece of the puzzle. Social media platforms ban accounts using too many hashtags or posting too many comments. Since Kicksta doesn’t do any of that for you, it’s up to you to monitor that behaviour.


Final Verdict

Overall, Kicksta provided us with exactly what we wanted. We saw a significant increase in our followers and knew they were legitimate people interested in our posts. Since Kicksta never posts or comments on your behalf, you can also rest easy knowing that your account won’t get flagged as spam. They’re all about getting you organic traffic in a reliable, safe way.

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