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Why You Should Be Using SEMrush

As your business ages, so too does your website content. The increased volume in content, over time, can get messy, difficult to navigate, and become less relevant to users.

As your business ages, so too does your website content. The increased volume in content, over time, can get messy, difficult to navigate, and become less relevant to users. Backlinks that were once authoritative become less popular. Keywords that once ranked high are now oversaturated in your market. Trends in buyer behavior might require you to reconsider a more mobile-friendly platform.

These decisions impact your website’s performance in search results. Search engines seeking optimized content rely on your keywords, metadata and site architecture to rank your content appropriately in their search results pages. If your web pages are filled with crawl errors, harmful backlinks, and lacking the appropriate keywords, your content will get overlooked, while competitors edge above you in local SERP’s.


Bad For Business

Monitoring and tracking keywords and backlinks, yet one more issue a business owner needs to address in a busy day. Yay.

Luckily, software solutions have come a long way since they’re advent in the 90’s. Business owners, SEO and marketing professionals can effectively improve their backlinks and keyword implementation with one comprehensive tool.



Introducing SEMrush

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Pennsylvania USA, you won’t find a better suite of tools for auditing, tracking and improving your backlinks and keywords than SEMrush.

Self-described on their website as the “All in one Marketing toolkit for digital marketing professionals”, SEMrush is the leading backlinks auditor tool. Recognized by industry leaders, influencers, and global brands, their full suite of SEO tools allow businesses and professionals to effortlessly analyze and monitor backlinks, where ever they may be across the internet.

Some of its core capabilities include:

  • Position tracking of your keywords against competitor keywords in search results
  • Recommendations for boosting traffic
  • Backlinks auditing and analytics
  • Customized reporting

Comprehensive research analytics allow you to make better marketing decisions by helping you find the best keywords. You gain richer, deeper insight into the keywords that are working for the top performers in your category or field. Simply type in your competitor’s domain and SEMrush generates a report detailing:

  • Successful keywords used by your competitors
  • Rank position for keywords of your competitors
  • Average traffic volume generated by the keyword
  • CPC for advertising using the keyword
  • Estimated monthly traffic generated by the keyword



5 key benefits you’ll enjoy by using SEMrush consistently

  1. Track your keyword rankings in real time: Keywords that worked a year ago may not be as effective now. Trends quickly come and go online. SEMrush can be automated to alert you of the slightest change in your keyword rankings, based on customized thresholds and parameters you find acceptable.
  2. Discover new advertising opportunities: SEMrush can generate a report that identifies companies paying for advertising based on the keywords you already use. These are potential sources for backlinks as well as ad revenue.
  1. Explore a wider range of keywords: SEMrush provides users with a list of terms and phrases similar to the keyword or term you’re using, so you can identify other search terms that are more popular. ‘Fantasy novel’ may rank higher than ‘Fantasy book’, for instance, in your particular region. You’ll be able to tweek your tags, headlines, and your content to capture more long-tail keyword searches.
  1. Understand how competitors are succeeding: Type in a competitor’s URL and you get detailed analytics you can use to adopt and implement solutions that will work for you.
  2. Analyze your own performance to date: You can use SEMrush to perform an indepth site audit of your own domain, checking for harmful backlinks, underperforming pages, as well as content that’s worked well historically. With its intuitive, visual interface, you’ll be able to identify at a glance trends you can capitalize on, as well as areas of opportunity that need tweeking.


SEMrush Tutorials

One of the most appealing features of SEMrush is the tonne of resources they offer to help their users make the most of the software. Their self-produced tutorials provide a step-by-step guide to understanding their reports and using their wide range of analytics tools.

If you run into trouble with the software or you’re just starting out, a review of their YouTube is a worthy investment of your time. Topics include quick tips, how to create a project, and how to use the various features.


Dashboard Tutorial

This is a great place to start for newcomers. The tutorial introduces you to the layout, functions and capabilities of the SEMrush dashboard, your primary interface and the first screen to greet you once you login. Your dashboard can be customized, with a little effort, and the tutorial walks you through the necessary step.


Brand Monitoring Resources

In addition to unbranded search terms, SEMrush can track the performance of branded keyword terms across the internet. This tutorial shows offers step by step instructions on how to use this tool effectively.

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