LAST UPDATED ON October 14, 2020

Why It Makes Sense To Outsource Your Marketing Outreach

Marketing outreach is a key part of the success of small businesses. Here's why you want to leave it in the hands of professionals.

Effective marketing is all about using all the different tools at your disposal.

You may start out using email marketing tools to try and automate or improve certain aspects of your marketing outreach, then graduate to a thought leadership strategy when you want to move beyond raw traffic and start working on increasing your credibility.

The thing about this is that compared to large companies, a lot of small business owners are trying to put together effective marketing campaigns with minimal resources. Depending on your niche, you may be able to fill the gap with tools, like how an e-commerce business can use a checkout platform. In other cases, you may need to look beyond your business for help.


What Goes Wrong With Marketing Outreach Initiatives?

The constant plight that the small business owner has to grapple with is spreading themselves too thin when it comes to their work, and marketing outreach is little different. An effective outreach program has three main points that always need to be hit.

  1. Properly qualifying your prospects to make sure they are likely to respond, whether it’s by providing conversions or helping you expand your base (via a guest post, interview, etc.)
  2. Putting together effective outreach content.
  3. Actually sending the content out and effectively managing your responses.

This is a lot to deal with if you’re trying to manage a marketing initiative and run a business’s day-to-day operations at the same time. Generally, where things go wrong is a person failing to execute when it comes to one of these three points. For example, a person may send out a mass outreach email, but not take the time to think about who to send it to, so you’re trying to reach out to publications and companies that are not a fit. Another possibility is sending things to the right people, but being in a rush and sending generic content. In some cases, you do everything right, but don’t take the time to spin your outreach into conversions.



The Value of Outside Help For Your Marketing Outreach

Where outsourcing your marketing outreach goes right is making sure that you are plugging in expertise at key parts of the outreach process. An in-house marketing team, while effective with time, can be a major drain on resources to initially create. For example, you need to not only bring on professionals to create the team, but you need time to try and acclimate them to your niche and let them put together an outreach campaign. At the same time, if you want more experienced professionals that will hit the ground running, it will cost your business far more in terms of salary.

As a note, one way that people try to have their cake and eat it too is by using freelancers. While these are a cheaper way to outsource your marketing research, it can take time to build a relationship with one that fits your mindset the way you like. An agency, like the professionals at Powerful Outreach, may be a better fit.

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