Design is in everything, whether you recognize it or not. From websites to logos, people use the top design tools to put thought and artistic expression behind nearly every aspect of a brand. The difference is what your audience thinks when they see your message. Design usually works in subtle ways to influence a person’s perception, but there are certain times that it is totally noticeable.

When design is bad, it is painfully noticeable. It can confuse prospects, restrict engagement, and at worst, damage your brand’s image.

However, when design is really good, it is also very noticeable. It grabs a person’s attention and rattles their perception on something that would have otherwise been ‘normal’ or expected.

Bad design should be avoided at all costs, but work created using some of the best design tools can actually give a business a huge advantage over the competition.


Benefits Of Amazing Design Work

Demands Attention – In today’s competitive market, it can be hard to stand out in the crowd. In order to be seen, you need to do more than just through your hat into the ring. You need to be drastic, compelling, and demonstrate that you have something to share. Great design can achieve all of this in just a single glance from its audience.

Eternally Memorable – The best design work will never be forgotten. It will drive an image into a prospect’s mind and will be there as a burning reminder at the next opportunity for them to act. This is also one of the best ways to share your brand as people will always talk about what they remember.

Builds Your Brand – Design is the most influential contributor to your image. In this sense, it really is all about presentation. Fantastic design work will present your brand in a positive light, or any other light that you want. It’s not really about what your company does, it’s about what you say that your company does.

Distinguish Yourself – If you put the exact same product in two different packages, one with great design and one with horrible design, which one do you think is going to sell better? In some cases, it isn’t really the difference between the quality of two products, it’s the difference between the quality of the presentation.

Boosts Revenue – When people see your company through the graceful reveal of beautiful design, they hold a higher esteem for your product or service. This means they are more likely to choose your company when it matters most.


How To Use The Top Design Tools

These points are just a few of the benefits that are inherent to great design work, which makes the choice pretty clear. However, finding a designer who can deliver this level of quality is not as easy as knowing what you need. Many designers overpromise and under-deliver on their projects, which can present a challenge if you are trying to find strong design work in a short span of time.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that it is not possible. Here are a few of the top design tools available on the market:

99DesignsThis is a great way to work with many designers to create the perfect design, without the extremely high-cost of consulting many people. This site allows you to work with multiple designers, who submit examples until you find the design that is right for you. It is a good way to get many perspectives and tap into a rich pool of creative talent. Working with multiple people means that you get a glimpse into what your brand represents to different people.

LogoNerdsLogos are an important aspect of a brand as it is the summary symbol that creates a quick impression with your audience. It needs to present a clear image, represent your brand entirely, and intrigue your audience enough that it is memorable. LogoNerds is great for creating a logo that can hit all of the necessary targets without blowing the budget. They offer a comprehensive review process, which means that you end up with a final product that makes you happy!

Elegant ThemesWhen it comes to web design, there are many tools that can help you create an effective and functional website that looks great. If you are using WordPress to build your site, then Elegant Themes is one way to augment that design options of the platform. This site can take the normal standard of WordPress and elevate it with even more engaging design options that will make your website pop!