Building Your Business With Lead Generation

As a startup publication, we know the struggles fellow entrepreneurs are up against. Budgeting your time and money is enough of a headache, but a million other things pop up when you least expect them.

Our parent company, Nimble Media, started several successful companies. Through monitoring niches and understanding what startup businesses need, we brought profit to companies still in their infancy.

With a team by your side, it’s much easier to manage your hectic startup days. That’s why we started our latest project, get-social-leads.

Get-social-leads serves as an autopilot B2B lead generation for your company. We’ve perfected our outreach strategy to bring in a steady stream of positive B2B opportunities that you can easily turn into new customers and lasting business.

Why Lead Generation?

Like any entrepreneur, we understand the importance of lead generation. Fresh leads help get your foot in the door with positive conversations and long-lasting business with new customers.

But, generating qualified leads is more than just cold calling and automated emails. To get the right people interested in your business, you’ll need a thorough plan including:

  • Connection requests
  • A well thought out sales pitch
  • A defined, targeted market
  • Hand-crafted messages
  • Monitored live campaigns
  • Hours of research

Lead generation is also about quality, not quantity. Gathering 500 leads outside your niche won’t put you ahead of the competition. On the other hand, gathering dozens of useful leads is one of the first steps to standing out from the rest.

The right people bring you long-term profits and build relationships. The more people trust in your business, the likelier they are to spread the word to others. Proper lead generation is just the catalyst for a thriving business.

What Goes Into Lead Generation?

As we mentioned, generating buzz with the right people is a crucial move. These are some of the basic steps any business needs to take to get their company off the ground.

Though lead generation comes in many forms, we’ve developed an algorithm using LinkedIn. Why do we stick with this method over others? Because it yields the results we want to see! Our case study breaks down the success we’ve had reaching out on LinkedIn and how it translates into over 100 sales appointments in a month.

Build Your LinkedIn Profile

The first step is to build your LinkedIn profile. You want it to be something potential customers can monitor for frequency and find easily. It also needs to clearly convey what you bring to the table. Profiles with vague information about you and your business won’t fly with people, let alone those you’re trying to attract.

It takes time to bring your LinkedIn profile up to par. You can’t just add people willy-nilly in the hopes that they’ll buy something from you. Are these people even active online? Do they need your services? Are they in your niche? This is where targeted searches, and step two, come into play.

Figure Out Target Markets

It can take months to define your LinkedIn target market, but it’s necessary. Not all markets are suited for an outreach campaign. Some niches attract better results than others. Oftentimes time and money are wasted reaching out to people who aren’t interested in your business.

You’ll need to meticulously monitor your target market and locate contacts who’ll give you the most success. Smaller companies and startups have a harder time getting through to the person in charge. Low DA to your site and few customers won’t exactly entice the people on top. Not to mention, they’re probably well-guarded against sales pitches or newer companies knocking on their door.

It bodes well for you to look into a company and reach out to the people who have time to talk. Even if it’s not the CEO, a marketing officer, director, or manager can be your gateway into businesses you want a relationship with.

Don’t Send Impersonal Scripts

Which brings us to step three. Everyone hates spam. And everyone can spot it a mile away. It should make sense then to avoid sounding like a robot in your outreach messages. Think of how you’d want to be approached by someone. Keep in mind things like:

  • Mastering the subject line
  • Grammar checks and spelling
  • Sending follow-ups

Though, just because you like a certain approach, doesn’t mean other people will. That’s why it’s important to pen several scripts and test them out. As you reach out to more people and monitor your responses, you can see which scripts reel in more interest.

Determine Your Sales Pitch

Some companies opt for a more sales-driven approach wherein they pitch a product immediately. Others take a softer approach where they try to initiate conversation and build a rapport.

Both serve a purpose and it all depends on your sales strategy. Soft approaches allow you to build a relationship, trust and allow you to monitor the evolution of your connection. Harder approaches trim the fat and get straight to the point.

The important thing to remember is that when you do introduce your business, include information like:

  • Facts/numbers on your company’s success
  • Your solution to a problem
  • A call to action

Once you have everything ready to go, the only thing left to do is launch.


Generating quality leads takes time. When you’re just starting out, finding the time to seek out the proper people isn’t always in the cards. And leads don’t filter in through outreach alone. The added stress of content marketing, social media marketing, active engagement, and boosting domain authority also eat up your time. So, where does that leave you?

Whether you’re interested in starting with 10 solid leads or 40, our skilled LinkedIn outreach gets you the results your business wants to see. Our company applies the same sales methodology that we use at our sister brands, and Between the two we generate almost 360 leads and roughly 120 sales appointments per month.

Based on your budget, three plans are available, each yielding their own set of results. You can easily reach us at or call us at 1-888-201-0507.