The Best SEO Tools and Software on the Internet

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The Best SERP Tracker On The Internet!

Track website rankings in Google, Yahoo!, and Bing daily. Automated SERP tracking saves you time and helps you respond quickly to ranking changes. Great rank trackers refresh often and are correct (this is not always the case). They give you insight across different search engines, and different locals (search is hyper-local). Authority Labs is THE premiere rank tracker and you should give them a whirl!

SEO Competitive Research and Website Analysis Tools


Backed by industry-leading data and the largest community of SEOs on the planet, Mozbuilds tools that make inbound marketing easy. Start your free trial today!

Majestic SEO

Majestic – Link intelligence tools for SEO and Internet PR and Marketing. Site Explorer shows inbound link and site summary data.


Analyze websites, track social media, build backlinks – Ahrefs has you covered. Try our marketing and SEO tools Site Explorer and Content Explorer today!


SEMrush is a powerful and versatile competitive intelligence suite for online marketing, from SEO and PPC to social media and video advertising research.


This tool replicates the appearance of a snippet in Google SERPs, which allows SEOs to optimize a page title and description for maximum click-through rate.


HitTail is the only keyword tool that analyzes your website traffic and generates long tail keyword suggestions highly relevant to your audience.


Botify crawls your website to make you increase traffic and revenue with actionable, reliable and updated data.

Search Metrics

The Searchmetrics Suite for enterprise companies is the global leader in SEO marketing and analytics, SEO optimization, social and content marketing.

SEO Keyword Research Tools

Keyword Tool

Best FREE alternative to Google Keyword Tool for SEO & PPC keyword research! Get 750+ relevant long-tail keywords from Google Suggest in seconds!

SEO Tools

Basically, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) refers to the strategies used to rank high in the search engine's results page. Whether we are talking about the extremely popular Google or about other search engines like Yahoo or Bing, it's essential for a small business to have a high-ranking placement in the search results page.

SEO tools can make a significant difference

Few Internet users ever go past a couple of pages. If you are not ranked well, you might never get a second chance to be discovered by potential customers. It might not sound fair, but it is not too far-fetched to say that SEO can sometimes be as important as providing high-quality products.

Despite the fact that it's not necessarily true, some users consider the first results to be the best ones for that particular field of activity. Many more don't bother to look further. If people don't get to know about you, the sales are unsatisfactory and the chances to grow your business decrease as the days go by. Specialized software can help you rank higher and achieve the exposure you need.

Can I use tools for SEO?

Fortunately, you don't have to learn search optimization from scratch. There are SEO tools out there that can do the work for you and speed up the process of getting more exposure and therefore, more customers and improved revenues. SEO tools use specific practices that can turn any small business into a success. They focus on analyzing keywords and traffic or they crawl the website to enable it to be indexed better.

Some SEO tools include free trials that allow you to experiment and see whether you are pleased with the experience or not. We compiled only the most versatile and powerful ones that guarantee good results. These tools for SEO can turn into your most precious allies in the never-ending competition between you and the other companies in your niches. They can make you literally be ahead of the game online and gain more popularity among Internet users.

How to find the best SEO tools

If you were to just randomly try all of the ones available online, it will take you ages. Not to mention that you might put your business on hold while you're doing that or you might ruin your Google ranking due to tricky ones. There is no point in taking any chances. You can find incredibly well-performing tools that can take your website to the next level. Using the best SEO tools is a guarantee that you will do your best to get the exposure you need in the search engines. You have to go the extra mile in order to succeed and to be noticed by Internet users.

Far too many good small businesses get lost in the ocean of search engine results. This seriously decreases the sales and profits. On the long-term, this can even make these businesses close their doors as they don't sell enough. Feel free to use the SEO tools we suggest and you won't have to worry about such unpleasant scenarios.

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We prioritize tools that have Affiliate Programs. If you do not have an affiliate program attached to your business, I would strongly suggest your reach out to the team @ GrowSumo. This is a super simple marketplace connecting companies and influencers. Setup is insanely easy and the team is super friendly. Cost is a reasonable $300 / month.

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