Ryan Velez, Expert Content Specialist, Powerful Writing

Crafting a successful marketing email is quite a different order than simply writing a basic email to one of your coworkers about that task that needs to get done.

Not only do you need to communicate effectively, but there’s also generally a persuasive element to this copy that can become more difficult to master. Managing this can be difficult, which it’s important that your entire sales team understands how to write a professional email for marketing purposes.

The Fundamentals On How To Write A Professional Email

When it comes to learning how to write a professional email, just because there’s a lot less text to write than a whitepaper or blog post doesn’t necessarily make the task any easier or more difficult. Oftentimes, you need to figure out exactly how to get your point across in as little text as possible. One major way to circumvent this issue starts outside of the email itself: the headline. There are roughly 269 billion emails getting sent out each day, meaning that every email you write has heavy competition. Crafting a headline that draws people in is one of the most important areas to start. If you need help, focusing on added value or current events in your niche are good places to start.

In regard to the actual emails themselves, you need to strike a balance of personalization while avoiding overly “business” related speak. In general, the biggest issue people have with marketing emails is the robotic nature of their presentation, so if you can incorporate something simple like the recipient’s first name, it will go a long way to help break down that initial barrier. Also, it bears reentering that keeping your spelling and grammar correct is paramount. A simple typo can break down all the efforts that you make in other efforts.


      Getting Help Learning How To Write A Professional Email

      The fact is that not everyone in your marketing department is going to be a professional writer by nature, and that’s okay. There are a variety of online resources you can try to use to learn more about your craft. Make sure you focus on the fundamentals and your brand qualities when putting these efforts together.

      Another option you may want to use to try and make things easier is added email marketing tools and software. In some cases, these don’t directly impact the quality of the writing, but help you save time and energy in other ways, like managing your email list or helping with starter templates. The less time you spend on some of these other aspects of email marketing, the more you can spend working on the writing itself. We’ve collated a great list of tools that match any budget and needs here.

      In some cases, though, you may not have the manpower to put together quality email marketing content, even with help from software. In this case, you may want to consider outsourcing the work to email copywriting professionals. By working with outside agencies, you get the benefits of that added expertise without the expense of hiring new staff or the logistical burden that can come with hiring individual freelancers.