Four New Apps You Should Check Out If You Are an Entrepreneur


When you’re an entrepreneur, it can feel like there’s just not enough time in the day.

From constantly putting yourself in front of clients, dealing with finances and working endlessly in hopes of reaping the benefits, it can be hard to catch a breather. Sometimes, you need added support

To help with the things mentioned above, we wanted to introduce some useful business apps in the hope of taking a load off your back.

Name Skillz

Entrepreneurs sell themselves to people all the time and a name is the last thing you want to forget when speaking to a potential client, investor or employee.

Luckily, Name Skillz teaches its users how to remember the names of strangers through a series of tests.

Through pictures, flashcard learning and challenging groups of people online in name recall tests, you can use this new skill to develop stronger bonds during sales pitches and network sessions which will even aid you in daily life. This makes for an extremely impactful business app.


Job Flex

Most people starting their own business are strapped for finances, essentially forcing them to do tasks most CEO’S would delegate to someone else. An example of this is crafting invoices and estimates via business apps.

Job Flex allows anyone to create these financial documents in seconds without even having to use the internet. Through the app invoices and estimates can be created rapidly with a professional looking touch. Even better, client info can be created and stored so they can be accessed at anytime. As a result, you can save yourself some time and move on quickly to other work!


Fit Together

It well known that fitness has huge benefits to mental and physical health. However, unfortunately when you barely have any time at the end of the day it can be hard to motivate yourself to hit the gym.

Fit Together gives you an extra push to exercise by creating a fitness social network where you can set personal goals and even a friendly challenge to your peers. Through the app you can surround yourself with like-minded people who are determined to enhance their health and also encourage each other to reach the next step.

Did I mention you can connect with gym managers, owners and fitness trainers as well?


Relax Meditation

When starting your own business, there are a lot of anxieties due to the fact your working hard hours and success is not guaranteed.  As a result, it can be hard to achieve peace and tranquility. Business apps can help in this area.

Relax Meditation aims to help people find that calm through mindfulness. The app assists its users to get into the daily practice of meditation through it’s soothing sounds, consistent meditation reminders and various programs which ensure that everyone can choose a mindfulness practice which suits them best.


Hopefully now, you can apply some of these tools to your life and earn some relief. Starting a business is a deeply admirable and rewarding mission, and there a lot of tools to make this happen. Release some strain off your fast-paced life with these useful business apps, you deserve it!