How to Stand Out From Your eCommerce Competition

Why should consumers buy your products instead of your competitor’s? It may seem like an obvious question, but it’s honestly surprising how many companies don’t know the answer. 

Sometimes, they’ll be quick to respond by saying things like, “We offer the best rates in the market!” However, this doesn’t really tell you anything about the product or service itself. At any given moment, any larger company with more resources can easily replace you. Also, if having the “best rates” is the top thing your company has to offer, you’ll come off as the cheaper-quality version of your competition.

Another common response why your products may be better is “because we provide high-quality, comprehensive, personalized and innovative services.” Although it hits all the key points that consumers are looking for, it’s become a cliché. Something so vague doesn’t describe your product at all. Plus, if every company on the market uses the same line, your company won’t stand out either.

Let’s be honest, in the eyes of a new customer, your eCommerce site probably offers the same services as twenty other companies. So, how can you make a potential customer choose you over your competitors? The answer is easy: you have to earn your customers trust and here’s how you can do it.

The Initial Connection

First impressions determine everything. This is the time to show customers the value of your services as well as get their attention. You’ll have to create a clear and direct message to consumers that show what makes you different. In order to do this, you must show:

  • that you’re well-informed about any issues they’re facing
  • that you have a specific solution to their problems
  • that the benefits they’ll receive when they use your services are enormous
  • that you’re committed to giving them the results that you promised 

This list is much more complex than it seems. These actions define your marketing strategy, which is key to your business’ success. In any case, if you’re able to convey your marketing strategy correctly, congratulations. You’ve taken the first step!

Although it may seem like you’ve successfully reeled the customer in, not everything is this easy. Without noticing, your customer or client will still look for reasons not to work with you. They may start to wonder if they can trust your company, if you’ll deliver on your promises, or if things are too good to be true. But, you can reassure them by proving your authority.

Show Your Authority

Your company must convey a message of strength. You’ll have to overcome all the “what ifs” and “buts” of your clients. 

Use Numbers to Demonstrate Experience

Otherwise known as “facts & figures,” you need to show key figures to demonstrate the strength of your brand.

Do you have an international company? Tell them you’ve worked with over 20 countries.

Have you had hundreds of clients? Don’t hesitate to say it.

Do you have more than 10 years’ experience? Let everyone know!

Make Them Talk About You

Your clients’ words will always be better than your own. The testimony of satisfied customers in your area is social evidence of how great your services are. This is proof that people really do trust you. It’s also an excellent way to showcase confidence in your brand.

Use Influencers to Reinforce Your Image

If you’ve worked with other well-known brands, you can quote them or put their logos on your website. You can also showcase if your company has appeared in the media or press. If you’ve ever collaborated with any influential people or if you’ve ever mentored well-known professionals, this is something you’ll want to add to your site.

Your potential clients will gain trust in you if they see other companies and influencers that they value. As the saying goes, “Tell me who your friends are, and I will tell you who you are.”

When your client makes an investment in your company or service, they want it to be a safe investment. So, take advantage of all of your resources and convince yourself that you’ll give great results.

Prove Your Value

This step is very important. The best way to gain the trust of a client is to show them what you’re capable of. 

Show the World What You’re Doing

  • Give lectures and training sessions. Show that your experience in the industry is valued
  • Publish a blog (or publish on others). Let everyone know who you are!
  • Create a specific methodology. Your way of work is authentic because it’s a combination of everything you’ve learned plus your years of experience 
  • Strengthen your personal brand. Your brand is unique because it’s yours

The best way to sell something is to show what you’re capable of. Become visible, show that working with you is a pleasure. From there, you’ve officially accomplished the last step: winning over the client.

Demonstrate That You’re a Well-Established Company

If you want your customers to trust you, you need them to believe that others trust you too. To show them what you’re worth, customer service is everything. 

When they make that initial phone call, they should be able to choose the language, select which department they want to speak to, and not be on hold for hours at a time.

Even if your company is just you and a small team, you can use virtual call center software to make and receive calls globally. You can even have a couple of international phone numbers to give the illusion that you have offices overseas. If customers know that they can get help no matter where they are or what their situation is, they’ll be more likely to return. 

The Essence of Marketing Depends on the Opinion of the Client

A client isn’t just a client. They’re a new project, an experience. It’s the client who will appreciate your strengths. The client will challenge you the most. They’ll be the one to recommend you to others and give meaning to all of your projects.

Concentrate on gaining the trust of your customers and you’ll guarantee the success of your business. But remember that trust isn’t permanent. Building trust takes continuous work. One wrong move and you can ruin the entire image of your brand. Work on it continuously and your business will have happy customers for its entire run.