Yendo is a small business ERP and accounting software solution you can apply to any company. Whether you’re interested in your financials, projects, payments, or CRM, Yendo has what you’re looking for. 

The world’s at your fingertips with Yendo and its seemingly endless amount of features. When it comes to the accounting side of things, you can easily create branded sales invoices, send invoice reminders, manage bank accounts, record customer and supplier payments, and get cash flow forecasts.

Of course, being an ERP Yendo can do a whole lot more for your small business than just tackling accounting. Though, some of their additional features can certainly be used in tandem with their accounting functions. For example, their sales and CRM module allows you to import and manage contacts, create and send quotes, track monthly sales and purchasing, and monitor projects.

Additionally, you can also store all of your project documents, track project milestones, capture detailed timesheets, and record time against projects. With all of these features under one roof, it’ll be easy peasy to keep customers happy and in the loop on what you’re doing.

Best of all, Yendo breaks down all your information in a dashboard designed for the 21st century. Gone are the days of unsophisticated designs that make you feel like you’re working on a program from the ‘80s. You have everything organized by columns and broken down in colour-coded line graphs, charts, reports, and further documents. You can also add columns based on what you consider to be the most important elements of your business. 

Yendo has four different pricing packages to choose from: Express, Standard, Premium, and Enterprise. Express will only cost you $29.00 per month and you get unlimited quotes and invoicing, one company, five users, and 20 open projects. In fact, the great thing is that even the Express and Enterprise packages, when compared to one another, have the majority of the same features. Enterprise offers a few more things here and there, though.

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  • Express costs $29/month
  • Standard costs $49/month
  • Premium costs $99/month
  • Enterprise costs $299/month

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