WIP Accounting

WIP Accounting

WIP Accounting, otherwise known as “work in progress,” can give your small business the tools it needs to stand out from the competition. It comes with several different bundles of software available, including one dedicated specifically to accounting.

This accounting software is a wonderful solution for those hunting for a program that gives them standard features they can customize in a multitude of ways. After all, one of the best ways to make sure your company stands out is to include a touch of your company in even little things, like invoices and bills.

Well, customization is just one of the many things you get with this accounting software. You can add your own spark to everything from reports, workflow integration, and forms. If you’d like to focus on a few items in your reports, let the system know and you can pinpoint specific problem (or successful) areas in your business. As we mentioned, since WIP offers various kinds of software, their accounting solution is one of the only products they offer that lets you customize your reports.

Of course, you can also manage a bevy of additional accounting items on your list. For example, if you’d like to manage your budget, create receipts, track projects and jobs, and get customer reports, WIP Accounting is your go-to. You’re also welcome to track your taxes (both state and sales) in addition to managing your inventory.

WIP Accounting is available to you for $119.00 a month. If you’d like to add additional users then you’re looking at about $24.95 per each new user. There’s a calculator available on their website where you can see how much it would cost you per month based on how many people you’re planning to hypothetically add.

If you’re interested in their other products, specifically additional accounting software solutions, look into WIP Books. WIP Books (and Books Plus) is a cloud-based solution that helps you nail down the basics of accounting for a fraction of the price. This particular software costs $34.95 a month plus $9.95 per additional user.

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