Tide is a great solution that can help small businesses save time and money. Download this app and you’ll soon have a business account for you and your team members that’s easily accessible from mobile devices. Tide also integrates with accounting software so your business has everything it needs to make payments on time and store financial data.

It’s way easier to navigate your business when you have a business account readily available on your phone. Tide gives you the freedom to manage multiple accounts, see an overview of your balance and account, categorize income and expenditures, and schedule payments. 

Tide’s also there for you in case anything happens to your card. If you lose your card, you can easily lock it and freeze the account. Should you find it again, unlocking it is simple and you’ll have access all over again. If you don’t find it, however, you can order a new one for free. Tide also offers in-app support to address any concerns.

Though, it’s not only you who’ll have an easier life. Tide helps accountants and your customers in the long run, too. With this program, you can create invoices of your own and export transactions for safekeeping. You’ll also be able to download monthly account statements as a PDF for you or your accountant to look over. 

This isn’t the kind of thing you need to pay a monthly fee for. Instead, Tide charges you a small fee based on how you use your account. For example, ATM withdrawals will cost you about $1.25 USD each time. It will also cost you about $1.25 USD for each cash deposit. Bank transfer fees cost about $0.25 USD each time. You do, however, get several freebies like free replacement cards, free transfers between Tide accounts, and free card payments.

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  • Card payments are free
  • Transfers between Tide accounts are free
  • Replacement cards are free
  • ATM cash withdrawals are ~$1.25 each
  • Cash deposits are ~$1.25 each

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