Profile by Intuit

Profile by Intuit

Every small business needs good tax software that they can rely on to get their finances in order. Profile by Intuit offers multiple solutions for businesses of all sizes, ensuring you get the best package for your every need.

It can be a serious nightmare figuring out your accounting and financing, let alone taxes. For those unprepared, it’s easy to get bombarded by all the legal jargon and confusing paperwork. You no longer need to hire a costly accountant to help you. Profile can assist your business with everything from T1, T2, T3, and FX (including T4, T5, and other taxes). 

If you’re filing corporate taxes, Profile takes care of processes such as

  • providing a comprehensive list of documents and reports for you to go over
  • access to historical returns
  • real-time edits so you don’t miss any important information when filling out documents. The built-in auditor even goes so far as to break down how serious mistakes are and how you can fix them on your end
  • giving you the ability to process multiple returns
  • import information from Quickbooks or Microsoft Excel

Profile is just as helpful if you’re filing personal or trusts taxes. For instance, it has your back if you’re an accountant filing taxes on behalf of clients. If there are any discrepancies between CRA’s assessment and your client’s T1 return, Profile foots the interest charged. 

With all of the available documents and real-time support, it’ll be hard not to file taxes on time and properly. If you can’t afford a hefty accountant fee, then this is the solution you should try. 

That said, you do get a free trial. If you choose to go with this software afterward, prices vary based on which taxes you file. T1 costs $520.00 for a one-time license whereas T2 costs $910.00. You also have the option to add more licenses, which cost more depending on how many you need.

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Product Details

Starting Price

$375 for one-time license

Pricing Details

  • T1 costs $470
  • T1/TP1 costs $630
  • T2 costs $910
  • T3 costs $375
  • T3/TP-646 costs $495
  • FX costs $385
  • FX/Q costs $455

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