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Plus & Minus is that kind of accounting software that includes every necessary feature. You have your standard features in addition to the advanced stuff like job cost reporting, translation, and a work-in-progress document writer.

By far, one of the best things about Plus & Minus is that it uses a single-file design. You have all your information readily available in one dashboard, which is kept up to date in real-time, too.

Aside from that, Plus & Minus grants you access to the “big six”, which is what they call the basic accounting features we all look for in our software. According to them, their big six include ledger, accounts receivable and payable, payroll, cash management, and inventory. 

In addition to their large features, you also have access to those awesome additional features we mentioned. Fixed assets collect existing information on account balances and depreciation, PDF support, and email as well so you can easily relay all necessary information to the right people. 

Another cool feature of Plus & Minus is that you can go through their extensive guides for help on payroll and general use. But, they also offer businesses a 24/7 email and phone support system for a small fee each month. For $250.00 a month, you have access to their round the clock support. For each additional site you own, it’s an extra $100.00.

Plus & Minus offers users a surplus of accounting features. Really, it’s hard to imagine what you’ll need that this software can’t provide you with. It’s because of this that this software is on the expensive side. The bad news is that it’ll cost you $1000 for everything. The good news is that you won’t need to pay monthly fees. You pay once and you’re set for life. Plus, when you think about it, given that they include pretty much all you’ll ever need, it’s worth the cost to maintain your business.

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