Pixabay has a wonderful selection of photos (over one million, in fact), all for free. They’re equally as high-quality as similar sites and may be used without crediting photographers. Users can also create an account or merely use the search bar to find the perfect image.

In comparison to other stock image websites, Pixabay does have a greater collection of useable photos. A lot of their photos can be similar in nature, based on collections, but they’re still high-resolution and perfect for businesses. You can also look for vector graphics, illustrations, and videos. Users have the option to look at popular photos and videos, as well.

Pixabay has a few different options to search for the best photo. You can split similar searches with a vertical bar, exclude words with dashes, and even use a tilde at the end of each word to match different spellings. For example, think of “colour” and “color.” Users can also browse photos based on certain colours, orientation and sizes. 

A multitude of categories are available on Pixabay, too. You can choose from travel/vacation, computer/communication, business/finance, and beauty/fashion.

Along the same lines of other free image sites, Pixabay’s license states users may also “copy, modify, distribute, and use the images, even for commercial purposes, all without asking for permission or giving credits to the artist.” You’re also more than welcome to share the photos on social media platforms. However, they do say you’re not allowed to redistribute or resell the photos or mislead people with implied brand association (among a few other rules). 

Pixabay also provides a few Shutterstock options for users. The reason why is to provide people with professional pictures and to finance Pixabay. Those photos will appear with the Shutterstock logo on them, but there’s no encouragement or incentives to switch sites. 

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