Mobile apps are quickly taking over the technological landscape. They’re an easy way to ensure customers have better access to your product, generate leads, and keep up with the competition. Over is for businesses looking to build their company and boost sales with a killer mobile app design. 

With this software, any business with a mobile app can choose from dozens of slick templates, professional designs and templates, and thorough customization. When we say “thorough customization,” we mean anything from the font, photos, colour palettes, and in-app features. Over also constantly updates their photo and video library. So, if you’re looking for perfect stock footage to accompany your products, Over has you covered. Customers also have access to free stock photos with some of the best websites like Unsplash, Google Images, and Pixabay. 

Now, just because you have great-looking photos doesn’t mean you can’t edit them to suit your needs. Over lets you blend and layer with various text to draw attention to your product. User can also tweak pictures with various effects and upload their brand logo.

Over also prides themselves on creating customized templates that keep up with current trends. So, you know you’ll get the best designs for your business. You’ll also have a leg up on your competition. 

Whether you’re working alone or in a team, this software seamlessly allows everyone to collaborate. Over Teams welcome anyone to create templates that all team members can use. You’re also allowed to add as many members as you like to one subscription, keeping things simple. 

With software this helpful, it’s hard to believe it’s free. But it is! You can download it from the Apple or Google Play store at absolutely no cost. That said, in-app purchases are available. Over is also in the top 100 Photo and Video apps.

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