NolaPro is cloud-based accounting software that offers a fully customizable experience for your business. You can choose between over 100 add-ons and a plethora of set-up choices ensure your software is catered specifically to you.

In addition to all their awesome customization, you also get access to a bunch of basic accounting features like bills, payables, payroll, ledger, and automatic updates. NolaPro also lets you keep track of your inventory with item categories, barcode support, different price levels and markup sets. Add-ons are available for just about every feature they offer, too, which means you really can customize your software any way you want.

You can also manage orders that come in from your customers and place orders from vendors. Users have access to point of sales and can send quotes as they need to. Additionally, there’s a B2B web portal so you can keep everyone in the loop.

As a small side note, everything is available to you on a secure site (if you upgrade to a paid subscription) and constant data backups and updates are available as well. 

You’d think that software with this much customization available would cost an arm and a leg, but it doesn’t. In fact, the desktop version costs you absolutely nothing. It’s more suited for home businesses and startups, but their desktop version still allows customization, general ledger, billing, payables, and is available in multiple languages. 

If you’re a small business looking for software, consider NolaPro’s MyBiz package, which is only $9.99 a month. You get everything the desktop version offers plus data backups, automatic updates, and a secure site. 

A Prosper package is also available for $39.99 a month and offers inventory management, multiple companies and users, and the B2B web portal. Users can also access payroll and the point of sales feature.

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  • MyBiz costs $9.99/month
  • Prosper costs $39.99/month

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