This easy to use online accounting software keeps you information stored safely and gives small business owners the opportunity to manage their finances in one easy dashboard.

Move2Clouds will provide you with all the necessary information you need to stay on top of your business’ progress. For example, this software can easily let you track cashflow, sends payment reminders, record expenses, track invoices, and can also submit everything in a helpful report for you. 

Perhaps the best thing about Move2Clouds is that it isn’t chock full of unnecessary accounting features. It also doesn’t include the kind of in-depth, difficult features that only experienced accountants will understand. Any business owner can use this accounting software, manage multiple companies, and keep on track of their business’ finances.

Additionally, this software makes it easy to store all your customers’ information and create recurring invoices for those who’ve been with you for a long time. You’re also welcome to consolidate reports across various locations and projects, which can all be done in one dashboard. 

What’s really special about Move2Clouds is that it’s obvious this company wants its users to succeed. Aside from their resources on how to use their software, they also include a collection of business guides. Read about how to create a business plan, launch a new venture and the five percent business growth model.

There are only two pricing models to choose from. Their first, which is aptly named “Success Package” will only cost you $19.00 a month. With this, you’ll get unlimited users, locations and projects in addition to customized reporting.

If, on the other hand, you need the Enterprise package, you’ll have to contact the company directly to work out the best price. This package includes everything the Success one does but goes the extra mile with priority access to beta updates, onsite training for one day to team members and your very own customer support assistant.

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