MoneyWorks can provide you with a few different accounting software solutions based entirely on your needs, the size of your company, and what you’d like your software to accomplish. From Cashbook right through to their Datacentre package, you’re guaranteed to find the right accounting software.

If you’re running a small business, startup, nonprofit, or working as a freelancer, then MoneyWorks’ Cashbook is more than likely the solution for you. It’s easy software that only monitors the basics like general ledger, budgeting, tax tracking, and customer management. 

Express and Gold are the next two packages. Those can offer anything Cashbook can in addition to accounts payable and receivable, the chance to store scanned documents and customize your own invoices and statements. Gold, on the other hand, can offer a bit more with serial tracking, multi-currency transactions, and KPIs. 

As you can imagine, Datacenter and their Cloud packages offer you the most. This includes everything you saw above plus a ton more like live access from mobile devices, job tracking, optimized networking, and advanced APIs among other things. 

With so many solutions, MoneyWorks ensures you have help every step of the way. You can look into their manual, training, events, and resources like an FAQ section to assist you.

An awesome feature of MoneyWorks is that you can either purchase a license to own their software or you can subscribe for a monthly fee. Here’s where the truly great news comes in. If you’re planning on getting the Cashbook subscription, it’ll cost you nothing. From there, no matter which plan you’d like, none of them surpass $50.00 USD a month per subscription. If you want to grab a perpetual license, the lowest package you can grab is Express, which will set you back $249.00 USD. Regardless of which path you choose, you’ll get a 45-day free trial.

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Product Details

Starting Price

Free subscription for Cashbooks

Pricing Details

  • Cashbooks subscription is $0.00/month
  • MoneyWorks Express subscription is $18.00/month
  • MoneyWorks Gold subscription is $28.08/month
  • MoneyWorks Express subscription is $18.00/month
  • MoneyWorks Datacentre Single Company File subscription for one user is $39.60 plus an additional $15.84 per additional user.
  • MoneyWorks Express 8 license is $249.00
  • MoneyWorks Gold 8 license is $499.00
  • MoneyWorks Datacentre 8 license is $2,299.00 plus $380 for an additional concurrent user

All prices are in USD.

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