There’s a surplus of free accounting software for small businesses out there, and Manager is just one awesome example. In addition to their standard accounting features, users also get access to a comprehensive list of add-ons.

Their dashboard isn’t anything too fancy, either. All you need is thoroughly laid out in tabs and categories in the sidebar. Keep track of statements, bills, credit notes, and general ledger summaries.

Manager also offers users a good number of guides to go through. They have dozens of articles to teach you about payroll, inventory, cashbook, and basic features. You can also download everything in a PDF file for offline viewing. 

Manager doesn’t necessarily have different packages to choose from, everything is available completely for free. However, different versions exist and provide different features. For the free version, you don’t need an internet connection. The software is available for download on Mac, Windows, Fedora, and Ubuntu. Users also won’t need to deal with any advertisements, time limits, or usage overages. 

Keep in mind that Manager’s free version is only for single users. It comes with several restrictions, as well. For example, there’s no remote access, you can’t use it on mobile devices, and there are no automatic updates. 

If you need to add more people, you’ll need to download the Cloud edition. This particular version is $39.00 USD a month and gives you access to more features. You’ll be granted unlimited users and businesses, automatic backups and updates, and all the accounting features that come with the free version.

Manager also has a server version available for a one-time payment of $390.0 USD. If you’re interested, you can get a free trial on Mac, Windows, and Ubuntu. You can also downgrade back to the desktop, free version whenever you want.

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