If you’re looking for simple accounting software void of all the bells and whistles some companies offer, LedgerLite is the way to go. They offer the standard features you’ve come to expect from accounting software, all without the hefty cost.

There’s no installation required with this software. All that’s required of you is to either download it onto your desktop or copy the file to a USB stick, eliminating the complicated process similar to other companies. In fact, you don’t even need to connect to the internet to use LedgerLite.

Once you have LedgerLite on your side, the processing is a breeze. You’re free to perform all the standard accounting tasks you’d need from your software. This includes items like scanning receipts, linking your bank account, print your reports, and the ability to export information in bulk through CSV files.

Bear in mind that some features are missing from the software. Things like billing, invoicing, and purchase orders aren’t available in LedgerLite. However, you can still use it for all your basic needs.

Since LedgetLite is more based for small businesses or those just getting into accounting, they have a collection of helpful materials as well. You’re able to peer into their accounting guides, basic instructions, and tutorial videos. 

You’re also able to get more information from their FAW section and responsive customer service team. They encourage you to email them or speak with their team through live chat. As a matter of fact, their customer service is one of the key features that earned them Capterra awards and five-star reviews across the board.

LedgerLite is also one of the more affordable accounting software solutions out there. Should you choose to go with them, it’ll only cost your business $50.00. You also get a 30-day free trial. They also promise not to charge you with hidden fees or any ongoing charges. 

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