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Keeper Tax

If you’re a startup or freelancer, it can be hard to know which expenses are taxable and which aren’t. You no longer have to worry! Keeper Tax is a program that takes out all the guesswork. 

Let’s say you just started a business venture. As you probably already noticed, hundreds of to-do list items can quickly pile up and leave a business owner overwhelmed. An important item on your list is how you can save money, especially when you’re just starting out. A good way to do that is to tax certain expenses of yours along the way. With Keeper Tax, you can educate yourself on which purchases are eligible for tax returns, all without hassle. 

Keeper Tax knows you’re busy, so they send you quick text messages inquiring about your purchases. Based on how you answer, the program then informs you of whether or not you can claim that expense during tax season. That’s all you have to do on your end. From there, Keeper Tax takes care of the rest by handling quarterly tax payments, organizing your expenses, and providing support for tax season. Additionally, it can also go back in the year (depending on when you sign up) and find tax write offs from previous quarters.

You don’t need to worry about information getting stolen or lost either. Keeper Tax syncs up with your bank account and tracks expenses through there. That’s the only information this program has access to.

Additionally, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the best results from real people. Though a lot of the messages sent are automated, business owners and freelancers are also issued their own CPA through Keeper Tax. 

After your one-month free trial, it’s only $12.00 a month to keep things in motion. From there, an assigned bookkeeper will monitor transactions for up to five credit cards or bank accounts.

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