Invoice Quickly

Invoice Quickly

Invoice Quickly is an online invoicing tool that’s perfect for small businesses and the self-employed. However, you can do a lot more for your SMB with this accounting software.

In addition to invoices, you can also accept payments through Paypal and credit cards. Invoice Quickly can send out payment reminders so you get your money on time, too.

Users can also create estimates for potential clients and send via email. Estimates can range from products right down to services. The software also allows you to include discounts and can automatically calculate tax. You can change the currency, too, to accommodate international clients.

Then, Invoice Quickly can offer you a snapshot of your business with an in-depth report. Not only can you check to see how your business is doing, but you can also monitor clients, too. Keep an eye on invoices to see who’s past due and which ones have only been partially paid. The software also lets you know who your top customers are so you can provide them with the best service.

You only have two pricing options to choose from. The first is their free plan, which offers you exactly what the software name implies: free invoices. You have an unlimited number to send through email and you can also print them. With the Premium option, you’ll need to spend $99.95 a year, though you get a ton more features. For example, on top of invoices, you have unlimited clients, estimates, email templates, and invoice tracking among other things. If you’d like the Premium package, you can also test drive it for two weeks.

As a small side note, Invoice Quickly also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, if you’re not happy with their services within a month, you can cancel at any time and they’ll issue a refund.

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