FINSYNC is a powerful all-in-one accounting software that businesses of any size can master. It’s easy to keep your eye on all that matters with a solution that takes care of all your monetary needs.

FINSYNC can bring a lot to the table in terms of accounting features and those little add-ons that make life significantly easier. For starters, you can handle your invoices with ease thanks to FINSYNC’s automation, easy payment acceptance, and scheduling. Yes, you can set up an invoice schedule, payment reminders and even auto payments to ensure your business gets paid on time.

Cash flow is important in any business and this software gives you control over how you view and manipulate it. For example, you can monitor the status of your invoices, billing, and cash flow in convenient charts and reports equipped with drill-down details. FINSYNC also provides you with reports from previous quarters so you can see how well your company is doing in comparison to when it first started.

One of the best things FINSYNC can do you for you is help with financing. Through their software, you can apply for business loans (that don’t affect credit scores) and see which solutions are best for you based on your cash flow. You’ll get a response on your loan in just minutes and funding can come in as quickly as 24 hours’ time.

These features just scratch the surface of what FINSYNC can do for your business. It also helps with bills in that you can send payments to vendors without revealing bank information. You can also set up recurring payment reminders and give access to whoever you want so they can add bills to your account.

Depending on the plan you sign up for, you can also get access to payroll and projects. With these features you can send invoices from projects, track time, sync with payroll, manage job cost, integrate payroll with direct deposit and have taxes calculated automatically. 

That said, there are a few different options for you to choose from. If you just want an inbox to send and receive electronic payments from then the Payments plan for $10.00 a month is the way to go. They also offer Payroll for $40.00 a month. If you choose the whole package (sans payroll and projects) then you’d pay $45.00 a month. That comes complete with financing, invoicing, billing, and accounting among others. It would cost $30.00 to add Payroll and $20.00 for Projects. Additionally, you can get the best loan options for free. 

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  • Financing application is free
  • Payments only is $10.00 a month
  • Payroll only is $40.00 a month
  • Business Pro costs $45.00 a month ($20.00 to add Projects, $30.00 to add Payroll)

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