Boy does this accounting software ever live up to its name. You and your small business can thrive with Easy, a program designed to help you with accounting and tax season.

As a small business owner, you know how important it is to keep whatever precious minutes you have in your schedule. This software clears a good few hours of your day by generating financial reports, calculating tax liabilities, managing inventory and documents, and bank integration so you can get transaction records when you need. The sky’s the limit with all the things that Easy can help you do. 

A standout feature of Easy is that it allows user to also monitor their assets and depreciation. You can keep all your data stored in their easy-to-use dashboard. Peek at your depreciation rate and dispose your assets with just a few clicks. Easy also creates journal entries for you, ensuring your information is kept up-to-date and saving you valuable time.

Another remarkable addition is their CRM feature. Relating to customers and providing them with the best experience is crucial for a successful business. Easy helps you track leads, arrange email marketing campaigns, organize your contacts in an address book, and provides a calendar so you have all your meetings and scheduled calls in one place.

Even better, that’s not all this accounting software can do for you. Monitor payroll, billing, quotes, and track time and inventory all with one program. You can also access it on your mobile device so you’re never away from the action.

Easy is there for many different kinds of business. If you’re in eCommerce, a small business, startup, or work as a freelancer, this is the kind of software that keeps things simple. The last thing you want is convoluted accounting software you don’t understand. With Easy, you don’t have to worry about any of that.

With all these features, Easy must cost an arm and a leg, right? Wrong! For their Starter pack, two users can enjoy 50 billings and invoices all for just $8.00 a month. You miss out on certain features like human resource management, multi-currency, and project management, but you can score these things with their Intermediate pack. This package costs $12.00 a month and allows up to five users. Their final bundle, Professional, costs $20.00 a month and grants exclusive access to features like an auto bank feed, project and time management, and 5 GB of storage. 

Easy stands out from the competition with their free trials as well. You don’t get to test run things for 30 or even 60 days. This software gives you a free trial for a whopping 180 days. 

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  • Starter costs $8/month
  • Intermediate costs $12/month
  • Professional costs $20/month

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