Drip’s main goal is customer relationship management (CRM). They know that online businesses can stand out with great eCommerce customer service. Drip eCommerce CRM uses customer data to bring them the best experience possible with your brand.

With Drip, your customer data is stored in one place. You no longer have to worry about unsecured websites searching for your customer’s information as they put the customer first in every aspect. You can collect and organize your client’s data without missing a thing with Drip ECRM. By connecting your eCommerce website to Drip, you can personalize even more than before. Drip can also be integrated with a ton of other applications like Shopify, Stripe, and more.

Personalization is a tool that makes any customer happy. With Drip, your brand will provide a customized experience for every new or returning customer. By receiving insights on what consumers are viewing, you can see what continues to make your customers come back for more. Divide customers into pages they’ve clicked, and things they’ve bought to give a personal touch to your marketing strategies accordingly. These can include coupon codes catered to your clients, product recommendations, and price-drop notifications.

Sometimes it’s tough to know what eCommerce strategies are working and which aren’t. With Drip, you can understand your data in a new way. Analyze past campaigns and emails to see which left the biggest impact on your customers. Their ECRM dashboards will help you identify what works and what needs work so your business can continue to grow.

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