CoverKit is an email marketing software for creators that will grow your audience for you. Customize your emails to draw more clients onto your website. Even if you don’t have a website at the moment, send them to a landing page in order to build your email list from the ground up.

Get a better understanding of your audience with designated tags and segments for each customer. With CovertKit, you can now tag customers based on what they bought, what they’re interested in, and their activity on your website. These tags can then be grouped into segments to see a broader scope of your demographic and help you easily identify which customer is which.

Set up automated emails that feel more personal. CovertKit’s visual automation tool will allow you to see where your subscribers click on your website. This will give you a more generalized idea on what they might need, which you can send in a customizable email.

Whether you’re a beginner, experienced company, or have done this many times before, with CovertKit you can choose a plan based on your level email marketing experience. They offer the best tools to help you build your business the right way. With CovertKit’s site integrations, you can sync data from your eCommerce, landing page, or any other membership website providers. They have over 80 integrations associated with their company to let your business grow with all the right tools.

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  • 3k-5k subscribers costs $79/month
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