Core by BQE

Core by BQE

Core helps you with your everyday accounting needs, but it also allows business owners to manage their projects. 

Every business owner needs software that helps with the more chaotic moments of their life but having software that tackles several of those moments in one is even better. Core provides businesses with the chance to process and customize bills, track payees, and monitor projects done for various clients.

In your dashboard, you’ll find everything you need and also have the option to keep things private from certain team members. You can customize the size of your dashboard, monitor real-time visibility and even create an unlimited number of dashboards to share with various clients or employees.

A handy feature associated with Core is artificial intelligence. You’ll have the chance to speak with Core Intelligence, a bot that answers just about any question you have regarding how your business is performing. You can ask a ton of different questions and request various commands like:

  • How much revenue a specific project generated
  • What the profit of certain projects is
  • Assigning projects to different team members
  • Create time entries
  • Past due invoice reminders

You can connect Core Intelligence to many different mediums as well, such as your mobile device, smart TV, Google speakers, and even your car. What better way to stay on top of your business at all times?

As we mentioned, Core is more than just your average accounting software. It also includes an HR package that you or a team member can handle. You can automate benefits, hold performance reviews, and track salary. It’s also a hub for all the crucial paperwork employees need to fill in.

You’re encouraged to email or phone Core whenever you have a question. Though, you also have access to the homepage’s chatbot and its help center.

Pricing varies on what you need. The required Base Module costs you $19.95 a month per user. From there, additional modules will cost you anywhere from an extra $10.00 to $40.00 a month.

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Starting Price

Pricing Details

  • $9.95/month per user for time and expense
  • $19.95/month per user for billing
  • $24.95/month per user for accounting
  • $39.95/month per user for HR
  • $19.95/month per user for Primary User

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