Sometimes, what you really need is software that hones in on subscription billing and management. That’s precisely what you’ll get with Chargebee, a subscription management platform with a bevy of additional tools.

Chargebee is with you every step of the way with your subscriptions. You can easily handle all your subs by creating, pausing, stopping, or reactivating any that you need to. If you’re a subscription-based business, you have access to all kinds of amazing features like offering customers discounts, subscription gifts, and trial management. 

Once customers start banging on your door left and right, you’ll need a good way to manage their invoices. Chargebee provides just that with prorated payments, advanced invoices and customizable billing cycles. For example, you can really get into the nitty-gritty of your invoices by including tax details, pay now links, and the ability to bill based on usage.

You can also keep an eye on the important fallbacks, like declined credit cards or churn. In any case, Chargebee reduces the pain associated with monitoring all these drawbacks by keeping a watchful eye on any hiccups and reporting them to you immediately. You can even customize how many times you allow customers to retry payment and void their subscription if things don’t pan out.

These two are just the standout features that we like in particular. The reality is that you have so many more to choose from, including software integration (like Quickbooks and Xero), customized checkout, recurring payments, and information into a subscriber’s time with your company. Chargebee also keeps you in the loop with the less than savoury elements of business, including reports on churn, cart abandonment, and overall revenue. Again, that’s not even everything it offers.

A ton of guides resides on their site to help you get started. Even if you already know what you’re doing with your business, they have guides, tutorials, and videos to help you navigate their software. 

There’s really no limit to what Chargebee can do for you and your customers alike. It’s taking subscription management and simplifying it for businesses in every niche, saving hours of manual work and revolutionizing how you interact with your customers. With that in mind, this software does come with a slightly hefty price tag. 

Their first package, Rise, will cost you $329.00 CAD a month. They describe this package as one best suited for businesses slowly moving into software solutions. For those more well-versed, there’s the Scale package for $599.00 CAD a month. If you want something more, their Enterprise package is available at a cost you can discuss with them. 

Even though it seems a bit pricey, they’re willing to help you out. Chargebee gives you your first 50,000 in revenue for free. If you sign up for free and join their Launch Programme, you can work your way to your first milestone without cost. Once you do hit 50K, you’ll be charged $99.00 a month.

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  • Rise costs $329/month
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  • Enterprise is custom pricing

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