Do you need smart accounting software for your small business? Look no further than CashManager, an easy-to-navigate system you can conveniently use online or on the desktop.

All you need to simplify your finances and accounting, in general, is available with this software. You have access to reports, billing, invoicing, inventory management, and job tracking (the latter two depending on your package). Their software keeps a record of all your documents, too, so you have everything available in one place without the need for paper or additional software.

This software is a perfect solution for those in need of a closer watch on their stock. If you’re looking to maintain your inventory, CashManager lets you add inventory items, manage your stock, track each item’s individual profitability, and better track the number of items you have left.

CashManager can help with taxes, too. File GST on your terms and the software can keep track of everything with automated tax calculations. They even provide video tutorials on how to file taxes so you don’t get slammed during tax time.

Keep in mind that if you only want the online version of CashManager, you can pay a monthly fee. If, however, you’d like it for the desktop then you can purchase a one-time license and have it forever. Regardless of which way you go, both provide you with all the basics you need.

You have three different pricing models to choose from: Lite, Standard, and Plus. Their Lite package costs about $380.00 USD and includes bank reconciliation, quotes, payments, and invoicing. Essentially, this is the perfect starter package for anyone who just needs the basics. 

Once you choose a package, you can also select two different add-ons. Invoicing allows you to customize invoices, provide overdue warnings, set up recurring invoices, and provides templates for you. Together, it’ll set you back about $150.00 USD. Their second add-on, EziFeed, costs about $10.00 USD and is for automated bank feeds.

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  • Lite costs ~$380/month
  • Standard costs ~$530/month
  • Plus costs ~$705/month
  • Online costs ~$37/month

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