billfaster is a great cloud-based accounting software solution for small businesses hoping to simplify the process of managing finances. Receive instant reports, check off all your business needs, and carry your information wherever you go with their mobile-friendly design.

This is the kind of software anyone new to the world of accounting can use for all their traditional needs. You don’t need to have professional training to maintain your invoices, bills, expenses, payables, and cash flow. billfaster breaks down everything you need to stay on top of your finances without losing your mind.

Users can also get all the help they need when tax season rolls around. Their built-in sales and simple tax reports show you redeemable taxes made on purchases so filing your taxes becomes less of a chore.

Additionally, you can also connect your bank account to billfaster, meaning you’ll have access to every aspect of your business. Catch up on transaction statements and keep them stored alongside accounting reports. 

billfaster also makes it easier for customers, too. Not only can you create invoices in three steps, but customers can also pay you immediately through payment links on their invoices. You’ll also be able to keep track of customer statements, sales orders, and estimates.

As for you, you can automate bills, monitor business and personal expenses, and track how much money you spend each month. By keeping a watchful eye on your spending, you can make cuts where you need to and be more mindful of finances.

After a 30-day free trial, you only need to spend $25.00 a month to get access to everything. You’ll also be able to chat with support via email or on the phone whenever you run into an issue. This package gives you unlimited invoicing, users contacts, and items, too, all without having to upgrade your bundle. Plus, you get inventory and stock control.

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