This cloud-based accounting software is a terrific solution for just about anyone. Whether you’re a small business owner, service provider, or consultant, AlignBooks has all the tools you can use to truly excel in your industry.

You’ll have no trouble monitoring your business with multi-currency support, approval of important documents, SMS notifications for every transaction and the ability to customize your reports. You can also manage taxes, print labels for items in your inventory, and apply discounted rates and prices for products. Everything is also available in an easy-to-use dashboard broken down by colour, columns, and the most vital information. 

One of the best things about AlignBooks is just how much they can actually do. They don’t only offer you the basic bookkeeping needs often sought out in accounting software. They can assist you in multiple areas through their POS, inventory, and production modules. So, whether you’d like to invest in one module or several, AlignBooks gives you everything you need to survive.

For now, let’s focus on their sales and billing module. In conjunction with their already useful accounting software, you can customize invoices, automate GST fillings, and automatically send invoices to customers via email. 

Even with all of these features, their software comes moderately priced. You have three different packages to choose from: Basic, Premium, and Ultimate. For Basic, you’ll get access to invoices, bills, estimates and purchase orders for approximately $35.00 USD a year. 

Premium can grant you additional features like inventory and approval management, email notifications and five free users for about $85.00 USD a year.

Ultimate, on the other hand, costs about $100.00 USD a year and offers you all the useful features any small business could use. You’d have access to POS, asset management, payroll, data importing, and inventory attributes.

That said, regardless of which one you choose to go with, you’ll get a free trial to test things out.

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  • Basic costs ~$35/year
  • Premium costs ~$85/year
  • Ultimate costs ~$100/year

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