Make more meaningful connections with ActiveCampaign. They have all the marketing tools you need to grow your business. Email marketing is what ActiveCampaign has perfected over the years. It’s now easier to create email newsletters, organize campaigns, and send customized emails to show your audience that you care. ActiveCampaign has email campaigns for any type of business. Broadcast, targeted, and scheduled emails are the three most common types of blasts that are available from most email marketing websites. ActiveCampaign goes above and beyond by also including triggered emails, email autoresponders, and email funnels to make sure that you’re getting the right message out to your customers.

Way more than just an email marketing, ActiveCampaign has marketing automation down to a tee. This includes automated emails to find your most loyal customers. By pulling insights from other platforms, you can create customizable emails for any client, regardless of how much time they’ve spent on your website. With their segmentation system, you’ll be able to send customers the right information they want to see.

ActiveCampaign is also one of the leading customer relationship management (CRM) websites out there right now. Sales automation CRM can help you clear off that calendar so you know exactly what needs to be completed. Clients can oftentimes fall onto the back burner if a new project comes up. ActiveCampaign’s CRM automation refuses to let that happen and will allow your sales process to continue running smoothly.

With customer service being something that ActiveCampaign strives for, they have numerous messaging tools to connect with your audience on any platform. Email marketing, SMS marketing, site messages, and Facebook Custom Audiences are just some of the multiple ways to reach out to your customers any way that you can.

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$19/month, pricing varies depending on the number of contacts you have

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  • Lite costs $19/month
  • Plus costs $95/month
  • Professional costs $199/month
  • Enterprise costs $375/month

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