ActiTIME is a vital tool for any business owner looking to manage their projects, track time on jobs, and organize their accounting needs. It’s no longer a hassle for you to monitor time, collaborate with team members, and get insight into your business.

First and foremost, ActiTIME helps you get a better handle on your time. Their beautifully designed timesheets allow you and team members to mark down hours worked on projects, submit days off, and leave comments. As the boss, you have the chance to review and approve timesheets, generate timesheet reminders for employees, and track all overtime hours. An added bonus is that you can lock timesheets once they’re approved to prevent any last-minute changes from employees.

But just because it’s timesheet software, that doesn’t mean it can’t do anything for you accounting-wise. It can also help you better manage your customer relationships. For example, ActiTIME allows you to create multiple tasks at once or upload them through a CSV file. From there, you can add details and assign them to specific people on your team. You can also track projected profitability and prepare detailed reports for payroll.

Additionally, you don’t need to stray from ActiTIME because it also grants the power to generate invoices and bills for clients. You can either make your own every time or simply save them in your templates to use at later dates. Detailed reports show you project cost and profitability, too. 

An important thing to keep in mind, though, is that if you do need your data integrated with the bigger guys, you can easily export your timesheet data into software like Quickbooks.  

ActiTIME’s price depends on how many users you have. If you have three or less, the software is free, though you’ll be limited to certain features. If you have five users, it costs $6.80 USD a month per user, making your total $408.00 USD for the year. Ten users costs $6.63 per person, totalling $796.00 USD a year. You have the option of selecting up to 150 users.

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